My Taxi Adventures : Affaire Throwe Dorty Fo Taxi

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Beta tori de here today contri pipol. So dat Olympic don finish na ha pays do? Or we fit ele glad na say dem too be enta oroplane go waiman contri?

Weti be ma wahala sef? If dem be bring all dat medal so nobi pipol likey we fo only hear na hear too fo tele? So make ah di enta ma taxi di go suffri.

De wan way meet me today nor wona lef am. Na me and ma nayibour. Yi too na some serious repe android. Massa na so repe di turn turn phone dem fo taxi ah confuse. Den yi don sap like some jeune homme. Ah spy repe ah tok fo ma heart say ‘respek pa no remain fo back enjoy ya android man lep yi lep’.

Ah ah na me dis di praiserepe fo ma heart ele fo repe for open sweet throwe the dorty fo inside taxi. Ah look am so, ah look repe ah say ha me ah go do? Fo yong person ah no di waste time fo tell dem fo pick am. Massa come see stress calculation ha fo start convo witi repe make yi pick dat dorty. Na tru me sep sep fit pick de dorty but ern ah no bi mobile hysacam and ah be don tire me fo di so so pick ara man yi dorty. So afta ah don calculate like Ndedi Eyango fo You must Calculate nor ah cough small. Den ah tell repe say dat dorty you throwe fo inside taxi so no fine oh. Repe look me so yi say huh? Me ah repeat nor ah say dat dorty you throwe fo moto so no fine. Ah wan see repe pick am ah swallow spite say thank God ele fo repe fo throwe for apsai window. Me too no fit shiddon kwayet. Ah tell repe say yi don worsen the situation because, if yi do so, me too ah do so, all man do so, pays no go ever clean and na why dat pays just dorty anyha.
Repe look me, ah say yi look me eh. Na so all man fo taxi di look me. Man go do ha? Ah dang tok ma own finish. Taxi don clean as dorty don waka from taxi land fo road. Man go do weti again?

Na yi ah turn me di look place di try fo count tree dem. As ah reach ma place nor, ah say ok driver lef me here. Wandas ooh repe too comot na fo ma place. Hmm ah pay ma moni di wait change ah wan see driver gi ma five hundred back. Ah say weri di happen? Na yi repe say no worry ah go pay.
Ok oh dorty lecture don gi me njor taxi. Make we ele hope say repe go stop fo throwe dorty anyha and yi go tell ara pipol weti happen fo taxi so dat dem too go stop fo throwe dorty anyha.
Nobi ah tok thank you carry ma bag start go me? Make God bless generation android repes.


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Author: ARREY - ECHI

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6 Replies to “My Taxi Adventures : Affaire Throwe Dorty Fo Taxi”

  1. Hahaha android repe bi di go na de same place witi you?
    You do fine foh tell yi say for trowe dorty so no fine.
    Ah like me na you.
    You talk thank you carry ya bag vamousse. LOL

    1. Hahahaha ah tell you say ern ah surprise say repe comot fo ma quartier nobi ah just carry ma bag go me suffri?. AH Vamoose. LOL make we hope lecture enta especially as dem pay me taxi lol.
      Thank you plenty ma sista na dasso we we.

    1. Glad plenty fo see you here ma sista come good.
      AH di try oh massa tori na high level lol.
      Thank you plenty we di try small small

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