A Joy2Endure

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It has often been said that to be able to ride again, a great rider must always muster the courage to get back on the horse that threw them down. Suffice it to say almost everyone reading this will automatically understand what those words mean. However, just in case some do not get it, it simply means to be able to overcome or deal well with a situation, you have to be strong enough to face it hands on… in other words, grasp the bull by the horns and plunge into it.

The rider who gets thrown off a horse and ends up a paralytic will most assuredly decry the life that was and what may have been. However, wallowing in self pity will not make their legs or whatever body part paralysized whole neither will it change the fact that life will never be the same again. The first step to facing this seeming impossible hurdle in life is to take the first bold step…

ACCEPTANCE. Yes accepting the inevitable gives one the courage to navigate through the hurdles and find a bright ray of light at the end of the darkest tunnel.

In a similar way, people living with sickle cell were practically hurled off the proverbial horse as they made their grand entrance into this blighted but still exciting world of ours through no fault of theirs. Squealing as babies didn’t change the fact that life may have well dealt them a severe blow. That notwithstanding, they and their families must be made to take that bull by the horn and practically get up that proverbial horse before it grounds them down completely and crushed out any chances of happiness under its hoofs.

To do this, they need the first basic step in facing this horse…acceptance. Yes accepting the fact that you or your child has a condition is the first basic step towards living a happy and fulfilling life despite the seeming hurdles that may be faced. It is only by acceptance that those hurdles can be overcome and the bright silver linings discovered. And yes, it is only through acceptance that the joy2endure can truly come about.

Acceptance moves one to accept their situation. It also helps them to look beyond that situation and see possibilities as the trudge through life. And tiring and wearisome though the trudge may appear, it is only through acceptance that we see hope where others see despair and light where others see nothing but pitch blackness which in turn provides us with the joy2endure.


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