Let’s Get Down to Drinking Warriors!

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‘Thank God it’s Friday!’
These words are what heralds in the weekend and what apt words!
After a rigorous week many just want to hang their boots and ‘chilax’.
And so they look at the clock, watch, computer screen or their phones willing the time to pass faster. As soon as the closing bells go out, suit cases and hand bags start flying and muscles are flexed, ties come loose, heels are replaced by comfys and dancing shoes . Everyone just want to have some fun.

Warriors are not excluded. They also love to have some fun and also long for Friday. But then what drinking am I encouraging Warriors to join me in?  Let’s see.

Drinking is a favourite past time for many people. It is therefore understandable that people would love to indulge in it after a strenous week. Especially tempting is the frothing that follows when beer is poured into a mug.
However, I am not inviting warriors to join me into drinking beer; tempting as it may seem. Neither am I encouraging them to wait until Friday to get that anticipated high to drink to oblivion. So what drinking businessis at stake here if not beer? 


Yes let’s get down to some serious drinking! The importance of drinking enough water by a warrior cannot be overemphasized. Not only is water one of the essential components of a healthy life style, making up about 80% of our body content; it is essential that a warrior stays hydrated constantly and to do so, they have to drink water. Why is that so?

  • It helps to prevent ‘traffic jam’ in our blood stream. In the absence of sufficient water, our blood thickens and for a warrior, red blood cells are prone to take on the sickle shape, blocking the smooth flow of blood to our joints and other body parts; the results are usually a painful, sometimes swollen joints that give rise to pain crises.
  • It is a natural purifier. It detoxifies our system by helping to elimitate harmful toxins that may come about as a result of the constant medications we take. It is not for nothing that warriors are encouraged to drink atleast 3 to 4 litres of water daily.
  • As we sweat, we need to replendish our system’s supply of water. It is, as previously mentioned, imperative to stay constantly hydrated because dehydration is one of the trigger factors of a crises.
  • It is in most cases, readily accessible, cheap and affordable.
  • The benefits of drinking pure water can go on and on. And many doctors encourage warriors to keep drinking.

Does this mean drinking beer and other frizzy drinks or juices is forbidden for Sickle cell warriors? Absolutely not! Nevertheless, for each pint of beer consumed, make sure you drink at least a few glasses of water. Beer is known to cause dehydration; something a warrior cannot afford to have.

It is not just about taking in liquids because if that were the case, every liquid would do so far as we drink. Parents should make sure their kids consume the required amount of water daily and Senior warriors should make it a point to consume as many litres of water a day especially during crises. No need waiting to feel thirsty, just drink as much as you like. Remember, it is mostly free and affordable. And, it makes you feel light and happy.

So it’s Friday alright let’s get that drink down. Drink through out the week and drink to your heart’s content. There is no bloating stomach, no splitting headaches due to hangovers, no drunkness and it keeps you far away from the hospital, injections and doctors! Small wonder someone aptly said, L’eau c’est la vie…water is life and how true these words are for a warrior!


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Precious M
Precious M
7 years ago

This just inspired me to drink more water. Water is essential for healthy living.

7 years ago
Reply to  Precious M

You can say that again my dear. Happy you felt inspired to top up that glass with water :). Thanks for the constant support. I appreciate. One love.