The Court Jester of Down Beach

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After a tiring week, Eposi thought of nothing except the anticipated weekend with friends in Limbe. She didn’t mind counting the hours until weekend. The tantalizing smell of fish and sea breeze beckoned even before the week was over. A girl has got to chill after all ‘body nobi fayawood’ she mused as she kept willing the days to pass faster.

It is finally weekend and Eposi is seen hanging out with her ‘bushfaller’ friends, out for a last weekend in the country. They all head to the popular spot at down beach.

Scantily clad girls made her look self consciously at her African print dress and headscarf. Beautiful and unique though it was, it made her appear out of place.

Well, she has come this far and there was no turning back and so bravely, she walked in with her friends while discretely looking around her, taking stock of her environment.

Like I said, there were scantily clad girls getting cozy with the men around. It was truly a cosmopolitan gathering. Asians, Europeans, Americans and Africans all mingling to satisfy one of man’s greatest need, taking that ‘one man’.

Slow music was playing in the background. Some were seen dancing, rubbing their bodies seductively with their partners while there was thick cigarette smoke clouding the room, but difficult to see as the lights were dimed.

Eposi was like a fish out of water. She was not used to such places and after the first drink, declined a second round. Her friends were busy drinking and discussing when suddenly, Eposi became fascinated watching a drunkard stroll in.

The dizziness she felt vanished as she concentrated in watching the antics of this drunkard trying to get more free drinks. She called him the Court Jester of Down Beach. And so while her friends drank and discussed, she occupied herself watching this drunkard and thinking about all the jesters she learnt in Shakespeare, wondering if that was what Shakespeare had in mind while writing.

This guy could dance! And the dancing and ‘gisting’ got him a drink right at where she sat with her friends. Of course, there was that moment of shoulder rising and feelings of self importance after he landed the drink as friendly fists were exchanged among the men on the table, with him leading.

The cigarette smoking and puffing of the people behind became unbearable for Eposi. Tables were changed. The drunkard turned jester was left alone at the other table. After a while, Eposi glanced back to check on what new trick he was up to, only to discover he finished his drink and left. The evening started getting a bit long and feeling sleepy again, she had to convince her friends to dish the night club plans and cut the night short.

Though it was all new and a bit tiring, it was nevertheless a night well spent. As she headed home with her friends in the early hours of the morning sleepy and yawning, she couldn’t help smiling at what she thought was a great night out for a novice meeting the court jester of down beach.

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8 years ago

This is so interesting to read. I could picture the court jester and his antics as he tried to make use of his drunken stupor. That must have been a difficult night for Eposi with all that cigar and scantily clad chicks. Eposi, next time choose your company wisely.

8 years ago
Reply to  Precious

I am happpy you could actually picture it all out. Getting readers picture out scenes is always a goal. Thank you for always reading. LOL Will tell Eposi to do that next time 🙂