My Taxi Adventures: Overload Wahala

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Ah sabi say yi don stay small. Any ha, make ah nack wona small tori.

So na me dat don comot bolout di go me haus. You sabi when man dang tire go pass den add faim ontop all you wan na ele fo find moto go ya haus sofri.

Nobi ah don stand di wait taxi. Oyah afta ah don stop plenty dis wan finally make pimp!. Na me dat don make pheeew, enta shiddon sofri. Ah dang balance well well sote ah nearly start sleep. Ah wan hear driver make ara pimp! Ah ele shiddon me say the person go shiddon fo back. Oyah na me dat ah wan turn balance ma skin, driver di tell me make ah shake skin small. Ah ah weri happen fo back? Nobi ah turn, ah say ern na which time back flop sote? Come see me di try fo shake skin.

You know fo pays na normal ting fo taxi fo carry five pipol. You whey get ya bon chance nor you enta beta driver whey yi di dasso wear seat belt deny fo carry five pipol. Dat day chance waka. Ting na say nor, if wona fo front na dry bonga dem like me wahala no de wona go shiddon fine. But ern, if na mama or papa Kilo di come shiddon witi you fo front na dere the real troublems fo overload come enta. You go turn turn sote way no go be fo balance.

Dat mean say ern, ah turn turn sote ah start vex. But poor man go do ha? Na ele fo tire heart pray say make moto dem no stand fo long line likey school pikin dem di go march fo 20 Mai. Ara wan na say add dat praya say make driver no miss brake go jam moto fo some side. 

Dem squeeze me well well dat day likey sardine at least we reach haus fine ah wan comot nor na so foot dang die all finish. Mama Kilo be dang balance yi well well no wahala. Ele me wan suffa dat overload wahala. Den ah say next time ah no go shiddon me again fo front. Yi Easy? Wen faim don hold U well well upto tire den all taximan di high likey garri the wan way you hear pimp, nobi you go just jump enta before you start check sense?

I dang suffa nobi small.

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7 years ago

Hahaha! Abeg you yah… Ya pidgin funny no be small.

If u get to shidon for front, no enta 1st man. Very uncomfortable! Be the 2nd man corner door, datz more comfortable. Just tell 2nd passenger say “Je sors ici devant” so DAT e go lef u shidon for corner door.

7 years ago
Reply to  MamiD

Hahahahahaha den when you reach that ya ‘sors ici devant’ you no shake eye whey dem go gi U ern.
But na tru corner door beta. LOL thank you plenti. Glad say yi make you laff.

7 years ago

Weh why dem do ma sista so eh?
Dat die foot don hold me plenty time. Yi no easy.
Ashia for taxi wahala.

7 years ago
Reply to  Precious

Massa oh ya sista dang suffa. Dat foot mata no easy atall.
Thank you yi go beta wan day 🙂