My Taxi Adventures : Mr Lover Boi

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Mami and Papa dem ah salut oh. Ah sure say afta wona don rest bodi small that work don start again today witi dis rentree scolaire palaba. Wona no worry na future investment be dat. Make we ele praya say pikin dem go put head fo dis big book so so dat all dat sweat no go waste.

So na me dis don cam again witi ma taxi waka dem. Today ah meetop na some jeune homme or lover boi as we pipol fo up contri di call am. Nobi na me dis don stand me di wait taxi? Na yi ah wan see jeune homme too cam stand di wait passengers. Ok ah ask yi say yi di go na where so dat yi fit carry me too. One tori afta ara tori as yi gree say yi di go na ma side. Nobi as we stand di wait make moto flop lover boi di try fo brain? Me too di try fo ignore way no de. Yi move French me ah ansa fo Inglish di praya say make yi lef me. Wosai! De man too move Inglish ah say yes yi cam na me today.

Palaba no de dasso. Nobi we di tok di go? Ah wan hear di man ask me say me ah no di invite yi fo ma haus? Ah ah! Ah ask yi say how yi no if ah nova marriet whey ma massa go fala yi witi cutlass. De man say wosai. Ah no fit marriet come stand fo road me wan. Wandas oh so marriet woman fo yi contri no di waka yi wan take taxi. Ah just shiddon me quiet.

Romeo too no lef am yi di ele tok di go. The neu wan whey yi tok again na say ‘I lope you plenty’ I say hmmm lope don cheap. See na na so head carry go heart star make jimjim. Ya man say no lope no cheap yi lope me tru tru and yi wan make we born seka say yi savi say we two go born na ele fine fine pikins.

Eye whey ah look the Romeo ern, but yi be get ma time sef? Yi ele de di look yi sef weda na fo make sure say yi sap still balance oh ah no savi. But ern dis jeune homme be de na some popo nyanga boi too ontop lover boi.

Well tori long time short so nobi pipol come we enta start go? Ah reach ma place ah check say fo all that lope so Mr Lover Boi go tell me say lef am no pay. Wosai! Yi dasso take ma moni go yi. Ah laff na afta fo haus me wan.

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7 years ago

Highly interesting, look ahead to returning.

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