My Taxi Adventures : Change Palaba

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Contri pipol oh. Na how wona dey? I savi say all man yi eye de now na fo tele di look dat big big game dem say Olympics fo waiman contri. Nobi me too my eye di pass fo dey wan wan time? Ah di dasso wanda ha all kine game dem no plenty fo dis pays so and den na ha dem wan make blackie fo Mama Africa too win gold? Anyha, I feel say yi go fine if dem add palapala, seven stone, sizo, dodging, eheh. Wona feel me nor?

So wen ah di look ah no di see any paysan di climb fo take medal na yi ah say make ah knack wona small tori fo ma taxi wahala dem. Nobi na me dis don finish bolout, fo find dat garri today no bi easy oh. Na dat kine day whey man de na ele upandan. So time fo go hause don reach na me dat de fo road di wait ma taxi. Wan, two, tireee, all di deny. Ah ah man go do ha? Serious faim too don di do man. Numba four make pimp ah enta.

Oya na so we don di go sote ah reach ma place. Na yi ah pay driver. Palaba change enta. Driver say yi no get fipty fo gi me ah say no way ok make yi take two hundred make me ah go witi one hundred driver hold grass. So ah say make we do ha now? Ah wan see driver di make tito to heaven say mbale yi go gi ma fipty wen yi meetop me again fo road carry me. Na yi ah ask say yi go see me fo wosai make yi gi ma fipty. Driver say no worry ah go see you. Hungry hold ma belly well. Nobi ah comot me di smile? But ern ah no fit lie na so taxi driver dem don take style palaba change damé ma money well well fo dis Ngola.

Apsai trong ern. Ah di dasso wait dat driver wan dey na wan dey ah go dasso enta yi moto again, then yi go gi ma change. Nobi me go come turn thick madam di lef ma small small change fo driver dem no wan dey!

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Author: ARREY - ECHI

I am a Sickle Strong Warrior and Advocate. Welcome to my space.

4 Replies to “My Taxi Adventures : Change Palaba”

  1. Ah tell you say errn, if dem add dodging we go win gold witi even diamond.
    Di driver dem witi palaba change. Some wan be don start moto for runwiti ma change for Douala. De way ah hala for junction errn. Ma small brother laugh me sotey. Ma money get eye abeg.

    1. Hahahahaha massa oh money get eye ya ha dem wan make man do? Na so meet to di hala sometime dem yi no easy driver dem to like fo run or quarrel man palaba change. Nobi lie if dem add dodging we go win all ting.

  2. I go make the team for play dodging. Even though bodi de only try for expand. That means ball go catch me quicker because I no fit fly like u used to when I was mannequin. Asha for change palava, abeg make sure say u take ya moni oh

    1. Ah go come clap fo you no worry that dodging must to enta this mara. That change palaba ah no di lef am again. Thanks dear.

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