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Life is not always rosy. There are bound to be thorns along the way but yet, we have to always look for a way to rise above the thorns and deal with the odds and the challenges life sometimes deals us. Maintaining a positive outlook and inspiring or motivating others in the face of such daunting challenges is no mean feat. This blog is my own little space, my private world where I share my personal experience in dealing with such thorns life sometimes dish our way. It is also where my view point and take on various topics come alive. It is all about living a passion, showcasing talent, ingenuity and debunking myths. And finally, it seeks to combine an inherited passion for scribing with a keen sociological knowhow to bring about raw unedited random thoughts and musings seen through the lenses of a social Observer.


Warrior’s Diary

It is a huge and burdensome challenge having to go through life amidst pitying looks and misconceptions. I think in an attempt to avoid these looks and misconceptions, many a warrior preferred silence in dealing with their challenge, including yours truly. Not until recently did I start telling people and mind you – it is usually those people I felt hearing about my condition will make no difference whatsoever to the way they treat me or perceive our relationship. Not everyone has been fortunate to have such understanding people and many continue to face such pitying looks and open stigmatisation about their condition.

Diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anaemia at the age of two, life has been a constant roller coaster of challenges and excitement. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of misconceptions about this disease that could be attributed mostly to a huge lack of public awareness about the condition. As a result, many attribute this condition to a lot of superstitious beliefs that further aggravate the situation and make it difficult for many sufferers aka warriors to receive appropriate and adequate care.

A Warrior’s Diary will chronicle what the disease is all about and some of the joys and challenges faced from a personal experience. It will also strive to generate more awareness and support to sufferers of a disease which affects mostly blacks and in the process debunk myths and misconceptions attributed to the condition. A negative situation can sometimes be used to make a positive outcome that benefits many. Pitying looks and harshly spoken words be they ignronantly, have only emboldened me to use my story to motivate and inspire others. Join me in this awareness venture as you read my warrior’s diary. Share your experiences if any, together let’s break the silence and make this a public health concern.

‘What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.’

Random Thoughts

My thoughts and musings which are often triggered by a keen observation of the society around me and sometimes conversations with others which gives me a glimpse of how they perceive things vis-a-vis mine which of course always sets my brain working overtime trying to create a rationale behind these varying perceptions. It has been one way to unleash my thoughts and it has been like an ongoing serial of thoughts and musings for the past few years

Short stories

It is often said the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and in a way, I can relate to this adage. I have been told time and again that from as early as possible, I can scarcely been seen without my pen and paper. Being the daughter of a veteran journalist and founder of the now defunct Cameroon Chronicles,books are my world and writing is a favourite pass time. I particularly enjoy writing short stories. As such, when I am not distracted by the struggles for survival, I can often be seen scribbling away. Some of my short stories will be featured here from time to time. Please feel free to read and leave your comments and criticisms.

Arts and Culture

Negativity is like opium to the serial pessimist which blinds them to anything good no matter how small. As a firm believer of silver linings over every dark cloud and lights at the end of every dark tunnel, In this section, I will be looking beyond the constant negativity as much as possible and show casing Africa in general and Cameroon in particular in a positive light. Here, I embrace and encourage home talent and consumption of ‘Made in Camer’. It sets to show case local skills in productivity as well as feature now and again some tasty dishes partial to Cameroon which makes it the triangular African in miniature that it is.

Treasure Box

Here, you will find anything of interest spun by whimsical thoughts on those days I could just be lazing around with not much to do or say. They could be bringing in our rich cultural heritage in the form of proverbs, pidgin slangs, funtastic moments, reliving my childhood; just about anything.

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6 years ago

Good day. I’m happy I stumbled on this today. I want to marry a man who is SS and I’m AA. My family is against it. I have been dating this guy for 6yrs. He always told me I’m one of the reasons he started seeing the world differently. That my support has had him going. Now, its getting so very difficult ton convince my family otherwise. I’m almost breaking due to the pressure. Some even say I’m not in love but infatuated. Can infatuation last for 6years. What can I really do?