A Warrior’s Musings : Facing Our Own Mortality… How I React to News of a Warrior’s Death.

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One of the downsides of Social Media is the speed at which bad news travels. The way the death of someone especially a popular someone, travels on Social Media very well defies the speed of lightening. It seems like every day, there is an announcement being made about someone who just died.


Normally, when Iread such news, I am always like ‘whey dis die don three much!’ My reaction to every news about the death of someone is always different. If it is an older person, I am always ‘Sad but the way youngsters are dying, they lived’ and if it is a young person, I am like ‘Hmmm a life cut too short!’ Most often, unless it happens to be someone close, that is the end of the chapter for me.

However, few things keep me awake thinking for days. Few things make my heartbeat skip a bit, then race faster than the fastest formula one driver before trying hard to come back to normal. Few things make me react strongly to the death of a total stranger. Few things make me question my own mortality as reading or hearing about the death of another warrior.

Each time I read or hear about the death of another warrior, 1001 questions race through my mind. Will I be the next? Will the next battle and hospital stay be the last? Will that catarrh or cough prove fatal? Will that slight pain kill me? The questions are endless. Of course, I am very much aware of the eventuality of death; the cradle to the grave journey each human born will make though our desire to live makes us fight this thought all the time. Nevertheless, when you have been made to feel like you cannot live pass a certain age, your next breathe may well be your last, knowing how tough the battle for survival is and hearing how some warriors die from simple maladies like cough and headache and other preventable diseases, your worry, you fret and your heart keeps beating faster than the formula one driver.

And thanks again to Social Media, in as much as we strive to read inspiring stories like warriors defying odds and living past the 40plus life expectancy dished out to us, stories about medical breakthroughs which gives us hope, stories of warriors fighting with determination, we cannot avoid coming across stories of one too many warriors dying which again forces us to take a look at our own mortality and of course, feel the future remains bleak.

Personally, faith keeps me going. I know some day I will bow. But I refuse to live in fear and negativity. I will always suffer trepidation; I will always worry if I will be the next each time I read about a warrior dying. But I believe my God Jehovah will always be there to see me through and give me the courage to press on and take each day as it comes. A step a time, no need worrying over something I have no control over because worrying will not change the fact that some day we all will die warrior or not.

Keep reading, keep sharing and keep commenting. We are inspired by your comments, thank you.


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Marion Nkwanyuo
Marion Nkwanyuo
8 years ago

My dear baby, I sincerely enjoyed reading this article which to me is an honest expression of faith, fears, resolve and determination to make the best of your time on earth. My dear, whether warrior or not, death is man’ s ultimate end and at the appointed time, each and every one of us will take an exit! Thanks once again for reminding me of my own mortality and that of the people I care about, and of my attitude while I have the breath! Desiderata once said that it is still a beautiful world. We must strive to be… Read more »

8 years ago

Thank you very much mum for stopping by and for adding that timely reminder and encouragements. Yes, death is the ultimate but we need not dwell on fear and negativity. Making the most of the breathe we have and the people we care about is very important and yep, it is still a beautiful world in which we must strive to be happy! Thank you once again am glad you enjoyed this piece. Hugs.

8 years ago

That quote at the beginning of the post is so inspiring! Enjoy the ride while it lasts. I hate the numerous death announcements on social media but man go do how?

Thank you for taking us on a journey into the heart of a warrior. You’ve been here this long and you’ll be here even longer. Keep making every moment count.

Nice post as always, sis.


8 years ago
Reply to  Precious

Thank you sis and thanks for always. Man go really do how with all the death announcements? It is really to make the most of it while it lasts and enjoy the ride.

The fight goes on.