June has become a very special month for me ever since I decided to get into advocacy. While I keep things going throughout the year, June holds a pivotal role in my attempt at using technology to demystify the stigma and misconceptions around sickle cell.

Including colours as one of the many ways to reach this goal has proven to be very effective and each June, as the world prepares to celebrate World Sickle Cell Day on June 19th, the Break The Silence colour awareness campaign continue to help me not to only break the silence, but also has been instrumental in helping change the narrative as more and more people are adding their strong voices to mine so that together, we all continue to  #BeASickleCellVoice.

With the Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) sweeping across the world, a lot of activities were moved online. The number of beautiful souls and hearts who decided to join their powerful voices to mine this year was just so beautiful to behold. Social Media was buzzing as everyone answered RED loud and clear, when I made the appeal for more red voices to join mine.

I couldn’t be more grateful. I felt truly loved and blessed. One day, I will make a detailed post of why I decided to make colour a strong part of my advocacy. Until then, let me leave you all see for yourself how powerfully RED this year’s campaign was.

Our collective voices I believe will keep sounding until sickle cell receive the attention it deserves. It may take one person to set the ball rolling, but it takes a community to keep it going.

Thank you all for making me feel special. Thank you all for making me see what I do matters a lot to merit your love, support and cheers year in, year out… continuously answering red as the years go by, helping me keep the fun and educative side of the campaign. Thank you all for making this campaign in spite of everything going around us today, my best yet.
I see you all. I appreciate you all and I join you all in spreading the LOVE.

NB: Was not easy getting all the beautiful images for this post. In case I missed you, I sincerely apologize but know that I saw you and I love and appreciate you all. Thank you all again.

Thank you for Reading. Let us know what you think.


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